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Katyk wanted Cate to show her how to pole dance as Cate had a pole installed in her room. So Cate started giving Katy lessons both girls dressed in very skinpy undies started doing their thing on the pole, but it wasnt long before this devolped into something more. They are messing around and start playing with each other and its not long before the pole is forgotten adn they are more interested in each others pussies. They are laid on the floor licking and fingering each other and testing out their new toys on each other. We knew it wouldnt be long before these two girls got down to ome hard girl on girl action.

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In this movie she decides she is going to treat her boyfriend a blowjob she comes into the kitchen where he is making a cup of tea she starts by rubbing his back. In this movie she decides she is going to treat her boyfriend a blowjob she comes into the kitchen where he is making a cup of tea she starts by rubbing his back.

Cate Harrington has employed Lolly Badcock as her cleaning maid as Lolly is a little hard up. Cate comes home and finds Lolly having a crafty fag and using one of her best plates as a ash tray she gets really annoyed with Lolly and makes her kneel on the floor and starts to shout at her. Lolly says she is very sorry and wont do it again and not to sack her but Cate says the only way she will let her stay on is if she does something for her.

We decided we would shoot Cate Harrington giving the sexy little teen KatyK an orgasm. Katyk is a true bisexual girl she loves having ses with other girls and Cate is one of her favourites. They look very sexy in their clubbing gear but they didnt manage to pull any guys to bring them home for a fuck.

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