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Simply Cate - How did Cate become a model and escort?

A secret dream of every woman is to make her way through life the easy way, be a model and just enjoy what she loves the most - fashion. But the reality is much more different than that, especially if you consider all the other girls that want exactly the same. It is actually quite hard to get to the fashion scene and much more difficult to make it there and keep it as a job. Cate Harrington did this, and she is today one of the wanted models and escorts in United Kingdom. How she did it and what her path looked like, she wants to share with you.

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It is not easy, under any circumstances

If you want to just be in commercials, or to pursue an acting career as well, doesn't matter, because the first steps are always the same - finding an agency. Yes, the first thing every future model needs to do is to find an agency that will hopefully connect her with potential job offers and make her a star. Finding one is easy, but picking the right one for you is what makes all the effort, and for most ladies, including Cate, this took years.


Only those who figure it to stay and keep their bodies in top form will be called back, says Harrington. That is the point where most girls make the mistake of not being willing to wait. But thankfully, there are many online platforms today, where young ladies can start exploring their possibilities.

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Becoming an escort along the way is something the lady chooses herself, and it is therefore up to her if she wants to go into the adult industry. This path is, however, much easier, because there are not many ladies that can meet the expectations from the beginning and are turned down right away. So there is no waiting and you can start working from the very day that you came into the studio.