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A stunning lady is always a good reason to go online and explore the world of adult entertainment. One of those reasons for many men is Cate Harrington, since her body is what you think of when imagining having sex. But she hasn't been around for quite some time, and people are starting to worry. But thankfully, during the last couple of months, she relaunched her amazing website and now she is coming back with more entertainment than ever before. Therefore, we are giving you here some news on this topic and an overall insight in whom and what this amazing young lady is.


Who is Cate Harrington?

The short answer would be - a beautiful and amazing girl that has taken as her job to make every man out there as happy as she can. But with her in mind, you wound settle with short, so here is the longer answer as well. Cate is a 29 year old porn star that has been featured in more than 150 porn video during her career. This beauty has hazel colored eyes and brown hair, but your attention, when you meet her for the first time will be drawn to her natural 32DD breasts.

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Her astrological sign is Leo, so you can imagine that she is quite thirsty for attention, especially that of older men. She was born in Nottingham, but spends her current days in Los Angeles, as well as her birth place and London. This is good for you, since you can meet her on all of these locations and get a glimpse of her breathtaking body.


Her main occupation currently is escorting, but she is coming back to the scene with more videos, pictures and live shows for all of her fans to enjoy. This is quite a thing in this industry, so make sure to follow here, but come back here, because we will keep you up to date with all important news on her and other performers.